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Natasha Hassiotis is a dance historian and critic.
She holds an MA in Dance Studies (University of Surrey, UK). She has written articles for newspapers and magazines such as To Vima, Tahydromos, Athens News, Imerisia, Avgi, Elle, Votre Beauté, Faqpress, Ballet/Tanz, Dance Theatre Journal, and Danza & Danza. She has also worked in radio and television, contributing to Seven X, Greek National Television, and En Lefko.

She is the author of two books on dance, a collection of short stories, and a graphic novel. She has translated 11 books, including The Diary of Vaslav Nijinsky. Her documentary film Contemporary Dance in Greece was broadcast on Greek National Television in 2001. In 2023 she co-wrote and produced the feature film Tranzit, and her work extends to video-dance pieces.

From 2000 to 2018, Natasha Hassiotis taught Dance History at the Professional Department of the National School of Dance. She has participated in several international events in Germany, Belgium, Singapore, Canada, Ireland, Japan, and Poland. She has given lectures and educational seminars in Greece and abroad, including the Lifelong Learning Program of Athens College. She was a member of the Dance Grants Committee of the Ministry of Culture and Sports, Vice-President of the World Dance Alliance and President of the Friends of the National School of Dance. Since 2012 she is a member of the Committee of Professional Dance Schools of the Ministry of Culture and Sports.

Her fields of interest are: education and new technologies, dance and politics, gender identity issues, psychoanalysis and pop culture.