Nominated for the State Prize for Short Story 2019

Short Story Collection

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The short stories in this book are like a series of fleeting images glimpsed through the passenger window. As you try to fixate on something to pass the time while someone else drives, your mind starts to drift.

The traveler within these pages takes the same solitary route repeatedly, delving into memories for the sheer pleasure of remembering. He understands that only moments of rebellion or cynical acceptance of our actions disrupt the stifling landscape of uniformity during this unexpected bus ride.


We get stopped by two tall, stunning women, who start babbling nonsense and snatch Lena’s wallet. We spend a solid half-hour frantically running around, and then – who the hell knows how – we bump into them again. Lena, though small in size, dives in and grabs the thief. ‘POLICE, motherfucker!’ she screams. The other woman freezes, and the wallet drops to the ground. The thief starts yelling and pointing at it, like, ‘Is that it? You dropped it! Why are you yelling at me?’